The Truckee River Flood

Truckee River Flood 2017 – The River Shows It’s Might Below is a series of three videos over 5 days of the storm early January 2017….. This week in Reno, we experience some unique weather and the Truckee River showed it might,  peaking in Reno at 12.3 feet at 112:45 last night, but now it is […]

Conrad Christmas Letter 2016

Greetings from the Conrad’s Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Conrad’s. We have lived in Reno for three years, and this year Army beat Navy! Exciting news this year, is that in June Bryan became engaged to Kathryn Hobbs from Ohio. They met while Bryan was stationed in New Orleans. The wedding is […]

Conrad Christmas Letter 2015 – Happy New Years from the Conrad’s

Greetings from the Conrad’s Conrad Christmas Letter – This year marks the start of our third year in Reno, Nevada and we are enjoying all the activities and many new friends. Hiking, watching the Great Reno Balloon Race, Hot August Nights, the Reno Rodeo, working in the Air Races and Ironman Lake Tahoe as volunteers […]