Truckee River Flood 2017 – The River Shows It’s Might

Below is a series of three videos over 5 days of the storm early January 2017…..

This week in Reno, we experience some unique weather and the Truckee River showed it might,  peaking in Reno at 12.3 feet at 112:45 last night, but now it is leveling off.

Levels for the Truckee River at Vista in Sparks to 19.48 feet at 5:15 a.m. and 19.41 feet at Vista in Sparks at 3:45 a.m., and dipping to 19.39 feet by 4:15 a.m before rising again.  Levels have been lower than projected so far but still spilled over the levees in Sparks.

Interstate 80 was closed most of the night while mud and snow were cleared. The road to Pyramid lake was also at last report closed. Many of the bridges across the Truckee are still closed tonight.

In Sparks and parts of Reno, small creeks, and ditches spilled over their levies and cause some residents to be evacuated. Governor Sandoval declares an emergency and all nonessential employee were told to stay at home today.

NV Energy did a great job keep the power on. Less than 300 business and homes lost power and thanks as always to our first responders. Well the weather event is over for now!  Reno is an amazing place, to work, play and live!


Moving to Reno or Carson City, it good to know the history of the flooding in the area. In this section of the post, we will go back and look at select YouTube videos.

The Flood of 1997