These Days, Online Ratings are Very Important

We very much appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in Karen and her team to serve you. Karen’s former, existing, and brand-new clients can rate and review her performance. Since starting her real estate career in 1990, Karen has hundreds of written reviews but now they need to be on Zillow and other websites such as Realtor.Com, Yelp, Google Reviews, Craig’s, and Angie’s Lists.  If you are satisfied with our service, we would be very honored if you would write a positive review. Please click the links below:



At the end of the review, Zillow will ask you to give your email address and confirm it. They are a very good company and they do not share your email address. Also, if you have worked with Bill over the years, here is his Zillow review button:


Example of Reviews

Showed Me Homes or Lots Example #1 Looking forward to buying our next home! We just started looking again this time with Karen as our real estate agent. By showing us some beautiful Reno & Carson City homes, she has us dreaming. She is teaching us all we need to know to make an offer. She has introduced us to her lender and we now have a prequalification letter which Karen says will make our offers more likely to be accepted. Karen’s communication is clear, open, and honest, and she is available anytime we reach out to her. We are looking forward to the experience of buying a home with Karen Conrad as our agent.

Seller Example #1 Great experience! We used Karen Conrad to sell our home. She brought in multiple offers with her first open house; our home sold in 3 days! Karen is a pleasure to work with. She went above and beyond our expectations and was very involved in every step of the process. Her communication was clear, open, and honest, and she was available anytime we reached out. We highly recommend Karen and her team!

Buyer Example #1 Karen Conrad was referred to me by my mom who is CRS Realtor.  When I moved to Reno from San Francisco, she worked around my availability making it very convenient for me to see homes; I’m a nurse with a busy schedule with long hours. Karen would meet me literally anywhere, even at the hospital, to help me get the paperwork needed for my loan and escrow. She also made sure I was satisfied with my purchase which I am. She follows up every now and then to check if everything’s okay.  Karen also helped me integrate into the community.  I consider her my first Reno friend who I know, like and trust. I plan to never sell this home but with Karen’s help and expertise, I will continue to buy properties in and around Reno.

Buyer Example #2 With 20-plus years of real estate experience, Karen is a true professional. She listened to our needs; had insights as to what we needed in a home and she totally matched our search. On finding our perfect home, Karen expertly facilitated a smooth transition to ownership that was hassle-free. I’ve lived in Reno for over 50 years and know many real estate agents and Karen is my top recommendation. We will certainly use her to buy our homes and investment properties in the future.

Buyer and Seller Commercial and Residential Real Estate #1 We highly recommend Karen and Bill. They make a great team. Over the past 24 years, they have handled all our family’s commercial and residential real estate needs. Karen is highly knowledgeable and experienced in 1031 exchanges. Bill is both a real estate broker and a general contractor who understands structural engineering and construction well. They have helped us build and market two subdivisions. Bill has rehabilitated several of our commercial buildings. We do not hesitate to recommend Karen and for all your real estate commercial and residential needs.

Center YouTube

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video and write a review on Zillow for Karen. We very much appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in Karen and her team to serve you.

The easiest way to write a review is to go to, then to the Recommendations Tab then under the Recommendations Tab click on “Write a Review.” On the “Write a Review” page, look at the examples and then click on the orange button, titled “Review Karen On Zillow.” A Zillow page to Karen’s “Write a Review” will open.

Select the overall star values and the star values for the subcategories. Five-star is the best and highest rating.  Next, write a review similar to the examples.  Check off Zillow’s Review Guidelines. Chose the service provided (Normally one of three services provided is either 1. “Listed and Sold a Home or Lot/Land”, 2. “Help Me Buy a Home or Lot/Land” or 3  “Showed Me Homes or Lots” – if you bought or sold a home, Zillow will need the address of the property but this last category, “Showed Me Homes and Lots” does not require an address, just a city, and a zip code).

Primary Point of Contact: Karen Conrad (or Bill)

Year of Service is the year Karen provided service to you. If it is over a period of years, put the first year she provided service. If she helped you buy or sell a home, put the year the home closed escrow. You can write a short review for each home she helped you buy or sell.

If you need to setup a Zillow account, simply type in your email address then submit the review. To finalize the review, check your email and click confirm. Zillow is a good company and will not share your email address.

Karen and I would like to thank you for taking the time to fill out this review. It is very much appreciated. Should you have any questions please call or text Karen at 775-527-7021 and Bill at 775-527-4276.

Again, thank you for your review.