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HillaryHILLARY SCHIEVE, is with us today from the Reno Collective . She is an entrepreneur and owner of  Plato’s Closet & Clothes Mentor. She is also one of the busiest people you will meet in Reno. In addition to running two businesses, she is a city council member and is a candidate for Mayor.

Bottom Line Up Front: Hillary believes in giving back to her community, this is one of the reasons she serves on City Council

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  1. Are you a MAC or PC and what brand of phone do you use? Uses a PC at City Hall and work but a MAC is were she wants to go. Uses the iPhone 5.
  2. What is your favorite technology, hardware or software? Uber  and BHead are some of Hillary’s favorite uses of technology.
  3. What is your favorite quote? “The grains of the sand make the beach” Author Unknown
  4. What are your favorite books?  Crush It and the Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk.

LEISURE: Hillary is on of the busiest people you will ever meet. She loves to read, work on new ventures and  when she is not doing council work, she can be found working on her campaign (it is not work to her because she enjoys getting out and meeting and talking to people).