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Mark_AmodeiAs you can hear, we are in a noisy room, after a luncheon, with a face to face interview so there is a bit of back ground chatter but if want to be a congressman, this is the episode to pay attention to, our guest today was born in Carson City in 1958 , served in the Army and in private practice as an attorney, ran for state assembly then state senate, won and now he is a congressman.  He had to run and have the skill sets needed to win and one those many traits he possesses is his close ties to those he represents in this district, so without further ado lets get right into the conversation with our representing from the 2nd District of Nevada, CONGRESSMAN MARK AMODEI.

 BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT:  If you quit you lost!


  1. Are you a MAC or PC and what brand of phone do you use? Uses a laptop at home and a iPhone
  2. What is your favorite technology, hardware or software? Like eBay and new online technologies which give Nevada’s smaller frontier towns access to the world.
  3. What is your favorite quote? Bloom where you are planted
  4. What are your favorite books? Unbroken  by Laura Hillenbrand (True Story of  Louis Zamperini)

LEISURE: Like to split wood, buy antiques off of eBay and work on his old truck; Enjoys being back home.



Room 222 in the Cannon House Office Building